+Lure Coursing

I follow the breed page on facebook, they are a really neat breed!

Congrats to Banana Joe the Affenpinscher!

A great win for a spunky little dog from my home state!

I’ll have Westminster pictures up very soon guys. I just have to get through two exams. :)

Last one, I promise! This is Richelieu Bellarata’s Sugar Cookie getting a 4 pt. major at 6 months old. :3 

Submission from kgillislyfe

This is Dreams of Sunnydale Illusen, AKA Lucy. She’s been my juniors dog for five years now. She loves the ring.

Submission from kgillislyfe

Hello! This is GCH Million Dollar Question of Marquess, AKA Andrew. He’s my baby boy and I love him to death. My tumblr. 

Submission from kgillislyfe



Balto, ca. 1925

Not actually Balto, but still pretty.
Afghan Hound by Alexandremqs on Flickr.
IMGP4971 by UltraMarine! on Flickr.Westie in the Snow :D